YouTube Brand Account What is it and How to Create One
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YouTube Brand Account: What is it and How to Create One

Not simply a video site, but likewise among the most effective search engines in the world, YouTube is a valuable place for marketers.

Owning a YouTube channel and utilizing it as part of your social media marketing strategy is a big property to any organization. With video content on the rise, YouTube is forecasted to continue growing well into the future.

You may already manage a channel for your business, did you know that YouTube provides a channel uniquely to brands? Like other social platforms, YouTube enables you to connect your channel to a separate Brand Account.

Introduction to YouTube Brand Account

A YouTube Brand Account can be started and managed by a personal account, and it gives your company a YouTube visibility of its very own with your brand’s unique name and product.

The YouTube Brand Account provides your business with a special presence online, separated from your individual profile. Though a YouTube Brand Account is a different entity, it is enabled to be managed by your personal account.

Among the primary features of the YouTube brand account is the opportunity to include a number of assistants to it. You can add team members who’ll help to handle the account in terms of submitting the content, divide the duties, and make sure the account is active even though somebody is ill or hectic. And the advantage is that you do not need to share your Google password with the rest of the team.

The Guide on Creating a YouTube Brand Account

To do so, you will need an account on Google, and if you already have it, then go to the Google Account Setup page and enter your name, email address, and password. You’ll likewise be asked to provide extra details like a phone number, gender, and birth date.

As soon as you consent to the terms of service and click Next, Google will confirm your new account.

To create your YouTube Brand Account, go to YouTube, and log in utilizing your brand-new Google qualifications.

– Click the image or avatar in the top right of the screen.

– Select Creator Studio in the drop-down menu.

– Click once again on your avatar or image in the top right corner and choose the Settings option

– Tap on Create a New Channel

– Enter the name that you want for your YouTube Brand account and confirm it by tapping Create.

YouTube Brand Account vs Personal Account

We just said that these two kinds of YouTube accounts are connected in a manner, but there are still distinctions between them. The possibility to add multiple users who’ll carry out some tasks concerning channel management is one of the main reasons why individuals switch to YouTube brand account, while the personal account does not allow you to do that.

The only method of welcoming more people to manage your account in personal mode is by sharing your Google password with them. That way, the others will have the ability to access your Gmail, Google Photos, or any other Google account connected to YouTube.

When moving from one account to another, almost all the material will be move, yet, the uploaded videos and subscribers will remain, but you’ll lose the comments you’ve left, as well as the received messages and the custom-made URL.

Advantages of a YouTube Brand Account

Producing a branded account will allow your team to handle your business’ YouTube existence collaboratively.

Moreover, by including multiple supervisors in the channel, you can appoint tasks, like developing thumbnails, writing descriptions, and replying to comments to specific individuals, so the procedure of posting videos can be a smooth and efficient one. Executing a Brand Account will assist your organization’s online presence to grow gradually so get to posting.

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