Which Game is The Best To Promote My Music
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Which Game is The Best To Promote My Music

The gaming industry presents a new and valuable platform for artists and producers on their digital music promotion efforts. However, which is the best game for montages, and to promote your music?

Follow the below steps to get your music included in the gaming marketplaces (like FaZe clan’s). With time, these approaches can also result in massive returns, especially when you create music for well-known games.

How artists are utilizing games to promote their music

Last year, KAYTRANADA launched a Flappy Bird-style kinda game as part of his strategy to promote his new album 99.9%. Chiptune darlings Anamanaguchi even produced a fake feud with fictional publisher NHXmedia, causing the launch of an unusual sandbox game containing 30 new songs from the band.

In an age where it feels like there are more new songs released every week than ever before, it comes to be more challenging for smaller-sized artists to attract attention. So, are games an efficient new method for musicians to make a name on their own?

It’s crucial to note that there’s always been a hit-and-miss partnership between the world of music and gaming. Rhythm games like Guitar Hero have efficiently linked that gap, and artists have had a traditionally rocky background with games.

3 of the best games to promote your music

  1. Hitman 3 – On one side, Hitman 3 is a reasonably easy more-of-the-same sequel: a collection of five new places, as well as an epilogue, with new toys available for agent 47 to take down new enemies. On another side that’s equally as legitimate, it’s a bold evolution of the Hitman franchise’s narrative components. As you may have already seen in its Story, Hitman 3 has come up with a new kind of thrills in its advanced assassination playground.
  2. Fortnite – Epic Games’ favorite fight royale title went down from 2015’s top port to No. 4 this year mainly because it had no Fortnite World Cup in 2020 due to the pandemic. The event in 2019 got impressive limelight after giving $3 million to the 16-year-old champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. Legendary has always had what’s viewed in the industry to be a finicky connection with esports, and currently, the company is proceeding to back off of its previously dominating setting.
  3. Valheim – Crafting and survival games commonly include a harsh beginning and a bitter work before gamers can reach the sweet experience of building massive bases, searching dangerous bosses, and overcoming an aggressive world. You can’t enter too deep without understanding your beginning tools, and that gives an excellent on-ramp for the game. The good news is, you do not need to invest massive amounts of time punching trees to gain wood before you can enter into the real action.


Search YouTube for channels that are prominent within certain gaming niches. Look for smaller channels originally, as it helps to show that your music has been placed before. When you have built your presence as a game author, you can seek larger communities. Utilize the YouTube ChannelCrawler to find gaming communities that fit your target market by looking at their number of subscribers, overall views, and search phrases.

More and more communities are generating videos that offer gaming tips, host game walk-throughs or unbox new games. Therefore, artists are faced with a range of gaming video formats to score music. 15% of all YouTube content associates with games, according to Tubular. Game content is one of the biggest categories on YouTube, using music from a selection of genres.

These games provide you with a massive opportunity to promote your music to an enormous and enthusiastic audience.

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