What is Twitter's Fleets Feature?
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What is Twitter’s Fleets Feature?

Twitter has introduced yet another shiny new feature! Yay 

No, it is not the edited tweet you were looking for (a little whimper), but it is something more familiar if you are one to use other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.  

Much like the little story feature on Instagram, Fleets is a little bubble that allows you to post your daily casual thoughts, quotes on other tweets or pictures.

Although Snapchat was the first to launch a 24-hour story feature in 2013, many other social media apps soon followed suit, with Twitter being the latest addition to this bandwagon. 

The first launch of the bubbly feature was tested in Brazil, India, South Korea, and Japan in March 2020 before being launched worldwide not so long ago, on 17th November 2020.

How Twitter’s Fleets Feature Works

First things first you need to download the app (duh) and create an account if you don’t already have one Personalize your account as per your taste using hashtags (#), from world leaders to pop stars to your neighbor. Almost everyone and anyone you know.

Join the conversation and stay up to date by retweeting, chiming in on a thread, or simply scrolling through, consuming information at the speed of light! 

Posting a fleet is the easiest part! Any tweet can be a fleet by simply double-clicking on a tweet and voila, your fleet is ready to be personalized! You can add emojis, texts, or tags before posting a tweet as a fleet.

Your viewers also have the ability to tap on the image of the fleet to redirect them to the original post (easy peasy).

Now that you are caught up on how it functions let us talk about the pros and cons of this promising feature!

Pros of Twitter’s Fleets Feature

Ever caught yourself wishing your tweets feeling too formal or final! Well, Fleets is here to help with that dilemma (phew). Fleets give you the power to use and interact with Twitter on a whole new spectrum(if you are new to social media).

Fleets allow you to share fleeting thoughts, and after 24 hours, they’ll disappear from view. Share personal instantaneous thoughts with your followers free of public reactions(hallelujah). All this sounds pretty amazing, Another good option about Twitter’s Fleets is that you can delete the fleet immediately if you aren’t happy with it.

However,  I know you waiting for the moment of truth. Let’s take a look at its cons so far!

Cons of Twitter’s Fleets Feature

Ever since the launch of the feature, users complain of the app lagging or even crashing completely. This isn’t that bad news in retrograde as it would mean users are enjoying and using the new feature to an extent that it overloads, a minor easily fixable problem for the developers.

Some of the users also aren’t so keen on the fast pace information like Instagram stories, and would often switch to Twitter to get away from it. But, however, is more of a personal choice. 

Well, let’s look at what some of our frequent flying birds have to say about it.

What First Reviews on Twitter’s Fleets Feature Are Saying

I took the time to do my research and hear what users around the world have to say about this new feature.

Twitter’s product manager Sam Haveson and design director Joshua Harris told Gulf news that because fleets disappear from view in 24-hours, it makes users more comfortable posting about their casual thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

Whereas Khaleej times discusses the grimmer aspect of the feature causing a window of opportunity for online harassment cases, allowing unwanted direct messages or being tagged by people they have blocked.


To wrap this up with a pretty little bow, one would say the shiny new feature sure has quite the concoction brewed to its repertoire But with all new things, a little bit of rebellious backlash is inevitable.

To each their own option, ergo id strongly urges you to try Twitter’s new feature and contemplate for yourself. Who knows, perhaps like me, you might just find yourself enjoying it! (winks)

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