What is SUMOSKY And to Make Use of it
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What is SUMOSKY And to Make Use of it?

Everyone is familiar with the green screen backdrop that is used to add VFX in the post-production phase of film making. However, now we have an upgraded version of the green screen and it has a cool name too; SUMOSKY. 

A recent installment of the Star Wars franchise Solo: A Star Wars Story was the first movie to use SMOKY. It was mainly preferred as it provided realistic lighting coupled with reflections which is deemed necessary for the creation of a good scene. 

Here is an ultimate guide on what is SUMOSKY and how to make use of it.   

#1 What Actually is SUMOSKY

In the first look, it might appear similar to the green screen; however, there are several distinctive features. The first one is that when compared to the ILM setup it is not that sophisticated and this might appear as one of the disadvantages; however, this is its unique selling point. 

At its core, SUMOSKY is a full-color RGBWW LED wall that is used for reactive backdrops and VFX. Another salient feature of SUMOSKY is that it could be stretched up to 40 inches in height and 300 inches in width, however, this is not the best part, the best part is that it could easily be squeezed into a small hard case, therefore easing the task of the production crew. 

#2 Salient Features of SMOSKY

Perhaps one of the most salient features of SMOSKY is that it can create any color as per the requirements in a matter of seconds. The original color of SMOSKY is grey, however, since it has an RGBWW color spectrum therefore it could easily be switched to any color choice. 

Most of the time the production requires a blue or a green screen, and hence switching to these colors is very easy when it comes to SUMOSKY. 

#3 Which sort of scenes could be created with SMOSKY

SMOSKY allows the creation of several scenes such as night sky, sunset, and skylight. Since it is a multi-role screen therefore it has a handful of benefits. Other scenes can also be created easily by adding few lighting effects. 

The one thing which is to understand in the case of SMOSKY is that it opens the horizons and possibilities for the filmmakers. As with the green screen, the number of possibilities was fairly restricted however with SMOSKY, this is certainly not the case. 

VFX has always posed challenges for filmmakers and with the increased usage of technology in the movie business, it is evident that in the coming days the number of VFX scenes in movies would only increase. There are movies that are shot entirely in a room for the creation of VFX effects. In such a scenario SMOSKY is indeed a blessing in disguise for the filmmakers. 

#4 What resolution is on offer

The resolution has always been a sign of concern for the filmmakers. However, they need not worry now as SMOSKY offers 20*48 pixels per fixture, which is simply great as its counterparts offer relatively smaller numbers when compared to this. 

At this resolution the LED’s provide accurate color and a flicker-free display, these are the most important things and with a green screen, a flicker-free display always seemed a dream. Therefore it could easily be said that SMOSKY would soon replace the green screen and become the official VFX backdrop choice of the filmmakers. 

SMOSKY offers a homogenous and evenly lit surface without any banding. Since the background is ultra-smooth therefore it makes it ideal for the post-production team. One of the main problems faced by the post-production crew was that the green screen did not offer a smooth background, this created problems while keying, however, SMOSKY has resolved this problem too.

SMOSKY is the product of Sumolight who is marketing it as a cheap yet effective alternative of the primitive green screen. It can also be used with trans light backdrops which make it extremely useful for people working in the advertising sector.

In a nutshell, SMOSKY is the thing of the future that makes the green sheet feel like a relic of the past, SMOSKY not only offers immense possibilities but is also relatively easy to use. 

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