What is SnapConnect
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What is SnapConnect?

Snapchat has launched an expansion of its online marketer education program, with a brand-new component called ‘Snap Connect’, which includes a series of expert insights as part of advanced courses on how to use the platform for direct reaction campaigns.

With the intro of Snap Connect, Snap Inc. is now expanding the opportunities for advertisers, with advanced courses on Direct Response (DR) advertising on Snapchat, that lives within the bigger Snap Focus platform.

What SnapConnect is All About

Snap Connect is a growth to the Snap Focus program that enables advertisers to dive deeper into education and methods for DR advertising goals, formats, and chances on Snapchat. Snap Connect wants to showcase internal specialists on Snap’s various direct action tools, offering a more in-depth viewpoint on how to make the best use of the different alternatives at hand.

Through their official site, Snapchat said: “For the first time, our very own subject-matter experts bring you inside the world of Snapchat to show you how to take your direct-response advertising to the next level. Each specialized Snap Connect certification offers fresh insights, product solutions, creative best practices, and client success stories – all tailored to your industry and region.”

Snap has actually invested greatly in DR options over the past numerous years, presenting new formats like Dynamic Ads and new technologies like shoppable Augmented Reality Lenses.

How to Get the SnapConnect Certification?

Marketers can obtain the certification by watching the videos, finishing the knowledge checks, and passing the test. Direct-response marketers can select from three certifications according to the company’s core business functions, or they can likewise take all 3 of them:

Mobile Gaming

Re-engagement projects, user acquisition, and more of such strategies can be learned through this program. Advertisers have the choice to choose from North America or the worldwide path.


Tactics to accomplish the goal of driving app downloads and growing its userbase with Snapchat via audiences located in North America, Europe, MENA, or APAC can be gotten through this course.


With the high increase in online shopping, a number of marketers plan to reroute users to their apps or site through promos on platforms, such marketers can get consumers from Snapchat to pursue sales goals, by completing this course.

The program belongs to the formerly introduced discovering website for marketers, with resources and courses to attain user insights, build brand strategy, streamline media planning, and get certified.

The portal would be updated with details related to ad products, designs, and feature sets, at uniform intervals as and when they are released, as it was designed to help marketers and companies to remain updated about all Snapchat marketing has to offer.

What Next for SnapConnect?

As the Snap Focus platform continues to grow, they plan to expand Snap Connect programs for extra advertising verticals, with an aim of helping their DR partners drive success and ROI.

, Snap Inc.’s International Head of Emerging, Sam Bevan said: “Snap Connect is all about showing our advertisers that we care about their DR has driven meaningful returns for businesses of all sizes. As a result, in Q1 we shared that at the time, direct response advertising had nearly doubled as a share of our revenue over the past two years, and represented more than half of our total revenue.”

Later on this year Snap Connect will be releasing a report on shopping trends and the new standard to help marketers kick off their 2021 projects on the best foot.

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