What is Instagram Guides Feature All About
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What is Instagram Guides Feature All About?

Instagram introduced its Guides function with a focus on mental health. Guides originally allowed choosing creators, public figures, companies, and publishers to produce curate collections, both from their own profiles and from the profiles of others.

On Tuesday, Instagram revealed that it would expand this function to all users. All set to find out whatever you need to know about Instagram Guides? Let’s get started!

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram guides were at first presented in mid-2020 and restricted to the health and wellness market. They were designed as a way to create single resources around any particular topic or item.

For you to have a clearer image, a nutritionist might create a guide for “Healthy Recipes to Make in Under 20 Minutes” or any range of other topics they cover in their content. Instagram then rolled out guides to all users in November 2020.

Instagram explains Guides as “a way to more easily find recommendations, tips, and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers on Instagram.”In addition to having the ability to collect and group and your own content, Instagram Guides also enable you to generate content from other accounts.

Talking net, Instagram guides are individual albums gathered into a single resource. Instagram Guides enable you to organize a mix of instructional content, product info, team insights, behind-the-scenes looks, and more into different categories.

This makes it simple for your audience to quickly find and see those posts, instead of scrolling through all of your content.

How to Create an Instagram Guide

To create your first Guide, tap the “+” icon on the top-right of your profile page and choose “Guide.” From here, you can choose from 3 different Guide formats:

– Places: Suggest places in your city and beyond

– Products: Suggest your preferred products

– Posts: Suggest posts you created or like

Each format is developed to fit a creator’s needs. Posts, for instance, can be used to curate a thread of Instagram posts with customized headings and commentary. This is a truly versatile format that can be used to share motivations, tell stories, and provide suggestions or assistance.

This is a great tool for brands aiming to add extra context or commentary to their shoppable items on Instagram. It also opens up new opportunities for influencer partnerships, as anyone can use this tool to curate a list of recommended products.

The “Places” alternative is perfect for sharing your location-based suggestions, from city guides to cafes and restaurants.

Share and Promote an Instagram Guide

You can share your Instagram Guide to your Stories or via direct message (DM) on Instagram, and anyone who views your guide can share it. To share a guide tap on the Share icon (the paper airplane icon) in the upper-right corner.

In the pop-up menu, you’ll have the option to share it with your story or to send it through a DM. Like any message, if you share it by means of a DM, you can include a message with the share to describe why you’re sharing it with that person or group.

Who Can Produce Instagram Guides?

When the function first released in early 2020 on a trial basis, only a selected group of creators were able to use it to publish content focusing on mental health and well-being.

As of 17th of November 2020, Instagram has made the format available to all users, while it’s also expanded Guides to include other types of material.

Where Can You Find Instagram Guides?

Guides lie in a different new tab on a user’s profile (try to find the booklet icon in between the photo grid icon and tagged photos icon).

They can also be seen in the Explore tab. Visitors to Guides can share them across their own stories and indirect messages.


Whether you’re creating Instagram guides as catalogs of your products, showcasing your business location through UGC, or providing ideas and educational posts to your audience, there are many creative ways you can use guides to benefit both you and your followers on Instagram.

Instagram Guides offer an entirely new way to curate and take in the content on Instagram, opening big chances for story-telling and e-commerce on the app.

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