What is Facebook Business Suite
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What is Facebook Business Suite?

Facebook has introduced a brand-new app with the intention to make it easier for businesses to handle in a single place their pages and profiles across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

The app combines access to the business’s crucial updates and concerns and provides a way to draft and schedule feed posts for both Facebook and Instagram, view insights, and produce ads.

To use the new app, companies will first need to link their Facebook and Instagram business accounts, if they had not done so yet.

What is Facebook Business Suite All About?

On Desktop, the Business Suite can be accessed at business.facebook.com, while if you want to use it on mobile, users of the existing Pages Manager App will see an option to sign up with Business Suite instead. The app will likewise become available as a standalone app to be download for both iOS and Android.

Within the Business Suite, entrepreneurs will be able to see notifications, messages, comments, and other activities happening across Facebook and Instagram right on the new app’s home screen. They can likewise set up tailored saved replies here, in order to react to common client queries.

The app uses tools for developing feed posts for Facebook and Instagram, scheduling posts, and provides insights on what’s working. Here, companies can view their posts’ reach, engagement, and efficiency throughout both Facebook and Instagram.

They can also choose to create an advertisement to help boost that engagement and grow their audience if required. According to Facebook, Business Suite allows users to:

Save time – Post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time and handle posts in one place to remain linked to both communities.

Stay updated – Get all of your Facebook and Instagram messages, alerts, and notifications in one place so you can keep up to date and react to all of your customers faster

Company results – See what’s happening with Facebook and Instagram insights and discover what your consumers are looking for.

So instead of utilizing Creator Studio or Pages Manager, you now have another way to stay on top of all of your Facebook and Instagram business interactions since this one does cover a lot of features within a single app.

Linking Facebook and Instagram

To link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page, follow these steps:

– Open your Facebook Page.

– Choose Settings from the top menu.

– Choose Instagram.

– To include an Instagram account to your Page, select Connect Account.

– Enter your Instagram account’s Username and Password, and choose login.

While if you do not have an Instagram business account, you will have the chance to convert your personal account into one. And if you have completed the steps above, you can now access the entire set of features in Facebook Business Suite.

Business Suite on Mobile

Those utilizing the Pages Manager app on mobile will immediately see the choice to opt into Business Suite.

However, you can download the Facebook Business Suite app directly by looking for it in the Android or iOS app shop, even if you’re not using the Pages Manager app

What Facebook Business Suite Means For Your Small Business

Facebook states it’s initially building Facebook Business Suite with the needs of small businesses first, as a lot of have been required by the pandemic to find brand-new ways to reach clients and sell online.

However, the long-term strategy is to build out a set of tools that can be used by all businesses, including bigger ones. The business aims to address that market at some point next year, as Business Suite will likewise broaden to include WhatsApp in the future.

Associated with the news, Facebook published two studies using insights on small business trends. Global State of Small Business Report in partnership with the World Bank and OECD made a study which found that businesses that make more than 25% of sales online are most likely to be reporting higher sales this year, and are less likely to have laid-off employees.

A 2nd study details the impact of COVID-19 on consumer purchasing patterns and the use of digital tools.

Almost half of the participants stated they spent more money online in general since the pandemic started, and 40% increased their use of social media and online messaging for item and service suggestions, Facebook says.

More to Follow

This is just the start in what is said to be a long-lasting financial investment in an effort to make Facebook Business Suite the main interface for companies of all sizes.

It is readily available for small businesses globally starting from September and will expand to bigger businesses next year.

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