What is Byte All you need to know about it
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What is Byte? All you need to know about it

In the loving memory of the app Vine, its co-founder Dom Hofmann created a new app called Byte. The app is created by the co-founder of Vine led to people also calling it Vine 2.0.  Just about eight years after Vine launched, Hoffman introduced its successor and Byte hit the app stores on January 24, 2020. 

A byte is a video-sharing app that enables users to post looping videos that are 6 seconds long.  A byte is available on iOS and android but it is still relatively new. So, it doesn’t have filters yet and doesn’t have side-by-side video reactions at launch either. Although Hofmann indicated that those would be introduced in the app in the coming updates. 

How does Byte work?

The app is very similar to nearly everything that made Vine special in the past. Once you sign up and choose a username, you’re all set to immerse yourself in the strange world of a young, mostly populated social network. The users are pushed into a vertically scrolling stream of famous six-second full-screen video content that is repeated in loops, complete with feedback and counts.

Users can upload their captured videos from the app or use the built-in camera of the app to take six-second videos, which can then be posted on the website.  Videos posted on the site can be downloaded as well. Users can then post the videos downloaded on other social networks such as Twitter or Instagram etc. Byte, like Vine, was programmed to effortlessly create loop videos in a way that TikTok users often try to duplicate and yet struggle to do so. 

Getting started on Byte

  • Make a profile by signing up on the app as you do on other apps. You can have a personalized profile on Byte. You start by selecting a unique user name for your account in 20 characters or less. You’re required to upload a profile picture first up. Creating a customized bio that reflects your preferences and desires is important because your followers can understand what kind of person you are.
  • Explore the app. You can scan the site by username, or explore it by webs, such as Humor, Pets, Creative, and Beauty. You can also watch trending videos (Popular Now) or see the latest, newest uploaded videos on Byte.
  • Create your original content on byte by recording videos yourself. Tap on the record button to start this process. This allows you to either record a six-second video in the app or you can upload it from another spot, including the camera app on your phone.
  • Share your created videos on the app and also other social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. 
  • Monetize your content. Byte will launch a program partner that would pay the creators for their content on the app. 

Byte and the competitors

There are many other apps that have video-based content and are popular all over the world. TikTok, Snapchat, Dubsmash, Triller, Firework are some of the popular short video apps with millions of users. But Byte still profits from having Dom Hofmann as its founder. For many people, the domain of short video is still connected with the app Vine and the creator Hofmann of course. So, Byte is the long-awaited, planned version of the Vine-like app. This provides Byte with a reputation that bumps it over most of the more proven but less well-known apps used for the creation of video-based content. It can always attract the nostalgia market, even when TikTok being the platform for the children who were not yet born at the start of Vine. The charm of the vine can be regained through Byte as it was greatly missed by the users in the past. 

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