What is a Video Game Montage
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What is a Video Game Montage?

In the real world, it would possibly take Tony Montana years to achieve his success (including planning his wedding celebration). 

However, by now you probably have heard about esports montage, Fortnite montage, or the well-known FaZe montage. The montage takes less than 5 minutes to show this part of his life! When the details are not that important, a montage can show what’s happening over a long period of time. In just 4-5 minutes, a timeless montage can tell the life story of a couple. 

Thus, if you want to become one of the famous YouTube gamers, you’ll require to understand this kind of filmmaking as well as incorporate the strategy in your editing and enhancing operations.

What is a Video Game Montage?

Video game montage is a filmmaking strategy that utilizes a series of brief videos or images, collected together to tell a story or part of a story.

This is normally used to progress the plot in some way without showing all the details of what’s taking place – for example, you may show a series of fast shots in which a gamer is jotting at his work desk, after that searching for a how-to book on his shelf or online, after that picking up the phone and calling a friend to help with his project. Without making use of any words, the producer shows to us that the dedication with which this gamer is working on his latest project.

Another example, which is widely known nowadays, is the highlights of the gamer’s favorite shooting or sports game, among others.

Sometimes, people use the word “montage” more freely to indicate any kind of collection of small, discrete aspects in a story. We can call this “literary montage” However, the term usually refers to the film as opposed to literature.

Getting started with a gaming montage

Right here’s exactly how to create your very own gaming montage:

  1. Capture the gaming video – This is generally achieved by making use of a video capture card. Try to think of the type of montage you want to develop.
  2. Trim your video – Fire up your favorite video editor and import your recorded gaming video footage. Gameplay video is typically caught in.mp4 layout so any contemporary editing software should be able to handle it well. Cut out the plain and uninteresting seconds of the video till you have a highlight-reel-worthy collection of clips.
  3. Add your favorite music – Like any type of great video gaming montage, songs play an integral part in offering your video energy and mood. You can make your gameplay appearance much more remarkable by cutting to high points in the track. Make cuts at factors where the music changes and include intense shifts to the tune of the song. This will certainly connect the on-screen activity to the songs and make for a far better gaming montage.
  4. Add a cinematic touch – It’s time to grab the phone and call your friend creativity.  You may also want to have crucial software like TotalFX installed so you have other open options. You should keep in mind that these videos are supposed to be fun, thus, adding a couple of effects would surely add the spice you want on them. It’s likewise crucial to bear in mind to add your own style to every video gaming montage to make them stand apart from others.


With brands using the power of storytelling to attract their prospective clients and engage the existing ones, video montages have been a go-to for many of them. Like in the case of FaZe montages, video game montages can do wonders for a brand’s image online when done decently.

Whether you use it to launch a new game, tell the story of your company or simply promote your newest project, the time and effort you invest in video game montages will be well worth it in the end

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