What is a TikTok Trend
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What is a TikTok Trend?

TikTok was the second most downloaded app in 2015, with 1.5 billion downloads. Once seen as a channel that’s just for kids, the TikTok user base is diversifying quickly with brands, music influencers, YouTubers, moms and dads, and even grandparents joining the fun.

We’ve been seeing and keeping a pulse on the greatest trends Tiktokkers are getting on. These are the ones that are taking control of your “For You” page. Let’s see what are they all about!

What is TikTok All About?

TikTok is an app for making and sharing short videos. The videos are high, not square, like on Snapchat or Instagram’s stories, however, you browse through videos by scrolling up and down, not by tapping or swiping side to side.

Video developers have all sorts of tools at their disposal: filters as on Snapchat; the ability to search for audios to add to your video.

Users are likewise strongly encouraged to engage with other users, through “action” videos or by means of “duets” – users can duplicate videos and add themselves along with.

Hashtags play a great role on TikTok. On TikTok, hashtags actually exist as a real, practical arranging concept: not for news, or perhaps really anything trending anywhere else than TikTok, but for various “challenges,” or jokes, or duplicating formats, or other noticeable blobs of activity.

What is a Trend on TikTok?

TikTok was made for music. It’s so easy to include tracks to your videos in the app– they’re segmented out by dance crazes, “LOL Sounds”, viral tracks, and a pretty broad list of genres and lifestyles.

The viral section will take you to a chart of the most trending songs that are being featured in most videos. With that said, TikTok is the land of remixes, with numerous versions of each track making the rounds.

Videos featuring kids and their moms and dad’s work. Why is this you ask? It could be an entire field of reasons.

It’s funny, kids enjoy the awkwardness of everything, they are unexpected, and videos with more than one person are more engaging. In either case, videos with moms and dads or even grandparents featured are all over TikTok – and they’re doing pretty well.

Why TikTok Trends Do So Well?

“Fear of missing out” is a typical way to describe how social networks can make people feel like everybody else is part of something – a concert, a secret beach, a breakfast – that they’re not. That “something” is a social media platform itself.

Much probably you saw a photo of some pals on Instagram at a great party and asked yourself why you weren’t there. Then, next in your feed, you saw a weird video, watermarked with a vibrating TikTok logo design, scored with a song you’d never ever heard, starring someone you’d never seen.

Perhaps you saw among the staggering numbers of ads for TikTok plastered throughout other social media networks and the real-life, and questioned why you weren’t at that party, either, and why it seemed so far away.

Top Trends of 2020

Vibe Check: Top viral videos

Who had cranberry juice on their pandemic bingo card this year? 2020 saw an impressive variety of videos go viral, entertaining millions and changing the lives of the developers who made them.

These viral videos led them to end up being cultural minutes, launch professions, and be forever celebrated on the TikTok Top 100 list.

Rising Stars: Top developers

Creators are the heart of TikTok, making the platform unlike any other thanks to their imagination, commitment, and consistent drive to make content that motivates audiences the world around. TikTok has ended up being a launchpad for developers to construct livelihoods by making content authentic to who they are and driven by their enthusiasms.

These are the creators in the U.S. who rose to be TikTok’s biggest breakout stars of the year, motivating hundreds of millions of individuals to prepare, dance, laugh, and clean their faces.

It’s The Meme For Me: Top trends, hashtags, and challenges

It’s the creativity TikTok has become famous for. Trends can begin with a single video and develop into motivation across the platform, quickly spreading out throughout TikTok with the help of shared noises, hashtags, and topics.

Whether it was a dance, a brand-new funny format, or a basic quote, these are the trends that took TikTok by storm in 2020.

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