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What Does a Social Media Influencer Do

The concept of hiring influencers as part of a marketing strategy has been with us for quite some time now. However, the rise of the Internet and social media has offered more people an opportunity to become social media influencers, often in very specific niches with an enormous audience.

With social media, we have seen the rise of what has become to be known as the “regular-person influencer”. These are people that have not necessarily before been on TV or even on an NFL field.
They are passionate individuals that create and share their experiences and viewpoints on social platforms for everyone to see. Whether it is a fitness influencer, Instagram influencer, TikTok influencers, or whichever their categories of influence are, they hold drastically more sway than traditional word-of-mouth marketing or influencer marketingfrom celebrities.

Their unique and authentic posts make them a following of individuals who start them unconditionally. Before you know it, someone that started as a “once in a while social media user” can have his fans improve a website’s traffic by 400% with simply one post.

What is a social media influencer? What does a social media influencer do? How to become an influencer? Let’s get right into it!

Introduction to the term “social media influencer”

Social media influencers are the people, brands, and personalities online that individuals trust. An influencer is a content developer with a social media following.

Social media influencers create a following by sharing top-quality content that inspires, captivates, informs, and connects them with their followers. Influencers start social conversations, drive engagement, and set trends among a receptive audience, which places them to work with brands on sponsored content.

Essentially, influencers are social media personalities with a dedicated following that they made by sharing content that inspires, amuses, educates, and connects them with their followers.

The role of social media influencers 

  • Create content – Quality content is vital to marketing and branding, and having influencers and bloggers creating content about your brand means you can share links to that content with your existing audience.
  • Start conversations – Influencers are able to start a conversation about your brand since the following they have built over time, trust and rely on them. Since they have their audience’s trust, they can offer that to a brand, and individuals will share their great ideas and products with others, they’ll additionally ask questions, offer tips, tell what they use the product for, offer free reviews, and may share suggestions that can trigger your next ads campaign.
  • Build brand awareness – Utilizing real and authentic influencers means that your item can piggyback on the trust fund the influencer has built with their fan base. The higher the trust fund they’ve made, the stronger the results they can generate. 
  • Connection building – For new and small companies, influencers are still a very real option. But in such situations, consider cross-influencing. Find one more new or small business that shares your target demographic, and figure out something like a giveaway that you can run together.
  • Specific targeting84% of B2B buyers declare to be impacted by a friend or influencer for their purchasing decisions. Those referrals originate from trusted sources such as family, friends, and people they’ve never met in person yet keep in touch a few times a week online; or perhaps one they follow online since that person shares on social media and they like their concept.
  • Increase sales – If you work with the right influencer that fits well with the concept and niche of your brand, you will surely see those sales flowing. However, two is usually better than one; and yes, two influencers working in a single campaign increase the odds for positive results. However, you have to keep in mind that although fans might trust the recommendation and assuming it sounds like the most awesome product ever, they may not have the budget for your product right at that moment. 

What are the most usual categories of social media influencers?

Whether under a wide term such as ” fitness influencer” or a more narrow market such as “beauty Instagrammer,” most influencers fall under a set of market buckets. Below are a few of the top categories influencers are part of:

  • Gaming – Game live streamers, esports, gaming tips, gaming montages, unboxing gaming videos, gaming product testimonials
  • Comedy – Pranks, parody, and acts
  • Household – Moms, dads, family, or relationships 
  • Health and wellness – Health, wellness, meditation, nourishment, fitness
  • Fashion and beauty – Luxury clothes, styling, cosmetics, make-up tutorials
  • Technology – Technology unboxing and evaluations, how-to guides
  • Travel – Backpackers, professional photographers, travelers
  • Auto – Car enthusiasts, car repair guides
  • Music – Singer, songwriter, artist, bands, music videos

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