What Are The Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing
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What Are The Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing

For marketing professionals and companies, social media platforms have come to be indispensable; now they’ve come to be a critical part of business outreach and even eCommerce.

Today, you can easily find a social platform, creator marketplace, and even gaming influencer marketplace for promoting your service or products; yet which ones are worth investing your time and advertising money in?

Many marketing professionals find themselves in the middle of the crossroad of social media marketing, however, investing your time and effort in many of them at the same time will be a hard endeavor to keep up with. You need to consider your spending plan, where your target market spends their time online, and which platforms are worth learning to master.

Which social media platforms are amongst favorites for marketing professionals? Let’s take a look at the biggest social media platforms you don’t want to overlook for your marketing strategy in 2021!


Facebook may not be the latest social platform, however, the truth is that it is still the largest social media platform by far in terms of customers. It has over 2.7 billion regular monthly active customers!

More than 70%  of Facebook customers visit the site every day. Half of Facebook users go to the site several times daily. Oh, and if you think young adults aren’t using Facebook, think again. Over 50% of teens use Facebook. Additionally, nearly 50% of individuals over the age of 46 use Facebook!

According to Pew Research, 73% of individuals that have college degrees and are making above $75,000 annually have Facebook accounts. Just 49% of people making $75,000 per year have LinkedIn accounts. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, Facebook is a beneficial investment for your business you don’t want to miss. 


Instagram is a widely popular platform, specifically among users under 40 years old, and it’s used its popularity to try and offer companies sources for getting to their target audiences. It’s also important to note that Instagram is part of the Facebook marketing network. Anybody that is creating advertisements on Facebook will have the option to display them on Instagram as well – however, its relevance is a good reason to list its advantages separately.

It is one of the most preferred social media sites for paid marketing by online marketers – mostly because its user base has expanded so swiftly.

Lately, Instagram has introduced shopping tags and the capability for business accounts to link their images directly to their website so customers can easily and promptly find out more details about their products – this makes it a top option for paid marketing professionals in the eCommerce world.


LinkedIn got its start as an organization and employment-based social media platform. It’s full of professionals across a broad spectrum of markets, especially B2B agencies.

LinkedIn presently boasts over 760 million users who are active on a regular monthly basis. So, in regards to target market size, it’s 4x smaller than Facebook. This fact is associated with a major challenge behind LinkedIn – it’s the news feed.

LinkedIn’s newsfeed is not as competitive as other titans like Facebook or Instagram. That’s why businesses have the ability to get to even more of their connections and fans without spending on advertisements. Especially when doing B2B social media marketing.


Twitter is an exceptionally popular social media network that is quite busy. Famously known for restricting tweets to 280 characters, this is a platform where every word counts.

It’s still a top social media site in 2021, and one that offers an opportunity for marketers to swiftly grab their target market’s interest and provide a link to the information they need and the products they desire.

Twitter uses an opportunity for both a content presence that causes inbound traffic and a paid marketing presence for disruptive traffic. Since Twitter is one of the older, larger social media websites it represents a good possibility, yet it hasn’t turned into the advertising giants that Facebook and Google have.

Since 2019 Twitter’s referral traffic has risen by 8%, meaning that its popularity for marketers may be increasing.


Pinterest is a great social media platform with significant internet search engine abilities. Many people utilize Pinterest to find inspiration or handy content.

For example, if you wish to try a new food recipe, you can jump on Pinterest to find the food you’re interested in cooking. While this is simply an example, it’s truly how most people use Pinterest. Pinterest has a lot to do with home décor, fashion, food, and most notably, purchasing.

Here’s a new stat we have not discussed on gender: Pinterest is primarily used by females. In fact, there are 3x a lot more females on Pinterest than guys. This shouldn’t worry you if your business fits. When it comes to buying decisions around fashion, home decor, and more, women are typically the predominant decision-makers.

This is backed by the high-income account that Pinterest has: 42% of individuals with high revenues use Pinterest regularly.

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