How to Spot Fake YouTube Subscribers
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How to Spot Fake YouTube Subscribers

Since 75% of the one billion hours of video that people enjoy on YouTube every day is decided by the YouTube algorithm, this indicates that your ability to reach new eyes boost when you have clients that are bumping up your play count, view time, and engagement.

Some YouTubers attempt different natural methods to get YouTube Subscribers totally organically, while others choose to buy the views.

On purchasing the views, some views would be real while there are equivalent possibilities to get views from the bots., thus, the concern is whether you shall opt for complimentary customers or attempt a shortcut by purchasing the subscribers.

You can go for either of the options, however, you have to make sure that your audiences or the subscribers are not the bots. If earlier, it was not possible to inspect if the views are genuine, now you can spot the Fake viewers or subscribers.

Why Organic YouTube Subscribers Are Better

When you plan to hustle for getting YouTube Subscribers organically, you are sure that every single viewer or customer is legitimate, as there is no threat of any bots or fake subscribers, and you can rest carefree.

If you opt for buying the viewers and customers, there are a number of risks that come with it, and some of them include:

– Get Your Channel Spammed

– Your YouTube Channel Totally Blocked

– Wiping off your existing audience

When YouTube detects the variety of bots as audiences or subscribers, then your channel needs to deal with various threats and complications, or even start your channels from scratch, all over again.

Even if you have only two or three bots and the rest hundreds of countless genuine subscribers, you may lose all your efforts. In your trials of speeding up the things, you will lose all your audience and delay the outcomes, since as soon as the channel is on the block list, it is tough to gain trust and get good results in the future.

As a way better option, keep constructing an entire audience, starting with your family and peers. And once you start getting the first subscribers, you will gradually gain more subscribers as time goes by and you keep your consistency and quality by your side. The subscribers that join you out of interest will not leave the channel and will certainly add to your video views and watch hours.

How to Spot Fake YouTube Subscribers

You need to dig into the following three pieces of information on their YouTube channel, which is a bit lengthy, however, it works and it is well worthy, at the end of the day.

# Views count on the videos – The variety of views for everyday videos compared to the pinned videos because of the channel. If the view of pinned video is way less than the number of views, then it ought to be considered as a phony view and spam subscribers.

# Comments – Check the comments for each video, if they are non-sense or not related to the topic of the video.

# Check other platforms – Check how active are their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and even their communities on Discord and Telegram, to get a better understanding of the channel’s activity and its audience engagement rates.


Obtaining extra complimentary YouTube subscribers is the absolute best means to maximize your natural reach on the second-largest internet site on the planet, and the very best and only way for your channel to get in front of the eyes you aim to is by doing your part and get YouTube Subscribers free of charge, eventually.

Keep patience while you get in the platform, as there are countless others who are currently in the market way ahead of you and they have certainly needed time and effort to get there. The best part is the user is looking for high-quality content and information, and if you can provide it, you can gain subscribers easily without delay.

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