What Is Mobile Marketing All About
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What Is Mobile Marketing All About

You are on your way to the office, and as you passed by a coffee shop, your phone just went off telling you to have a message. It turns out it was a pitch from the coffee shop telling you about a 10 percent discount on lattes. You look behind you and smile, thinking to take the offer later in the day when you go home.

This is mobile marketing in a nutshell. But, let me elaborate on it.

There are two ways of marketing through mobile

The first one is using the mobile phone that is a device that allows you to receive and make calls, receive and send SMS and receive updates about everything.

The second one is using a mobile in marketing a service, company brand, or product by having roadshows traveling from one place to another. Aside from the roadshows, one can also use the mobile in exposing a newly made billboard of the company in every place they will be able to pass.

In this article, we will focus on the use of mobile phones and their applications in promoting services and products.

Mobile Marketing Through SMS

The mobile phone is one of the necessary commodities a person must have because of its various uses for day-to-day activities. You can seldom see a person without having his or her own mobile phone these days. And through this device, anyone can get connected with everyone regardless of their location.

We have to accept the fact that mobile phones have outsmarted various kinds of media when it comes to marketing. Only a few years back, people tend to check the newspaper first thing in the morning but now people grab their mobile phones upon waking up prior to washing their face. I

Many companies have seen this situation and they have found it as a very fast method of marketing their services and products. All they have to do is to continuously send SMS in endorsing their new products and giving updates to consumers.

Marketing Through MMS

The mobile phone has evolved through the years of its existence. The first cellular phones were really dull and boring because of their limited features. To encourage more customers, mobile phone manufacturers made a lot of improvements to their products by adding a lot of features.

It started with having lively screens with different colors to having different applications and features such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It is really more interesting to view ads and endorsements if what you are viewing move and look real.

Mobile phones can send and receive videos, texts, images, and audio which makes it easier to acquire customers. Videos and images are quite impressive especially if the presentation is properly done and organized to clearly endorse the product or service to cellular phone users.

Mobile Phones and Social Media

Technology has improved a lot recently, especially on mobile phones. Smartphones, iPhones, and other mobile phone models have made a lot of things done easier and possible, and social media is what most people are inclined to these days.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just some of the most used social media. It is now possible to gain access to them using your mobile phones. This is is a great advantage for companies to market their services and products with the help of social media.

Why Mobile Marketing is Crucial For Your Brand’s Recognition

In sum, we know that mobile phones are really of big help when it comes to marketing these days. This device can definitely help increase the number of customers of a company as long as it is used according to its purpose. Mobile marketing is all about using your phone in receiving and sending messages, images, videos, and audios to market your product and services.

While industry players have yet to standardize a definition for mobile marketing, it is best defined on what it is all about. Recently, marketing professor Andreas Kaplan gave a working definition of mobile marketing. He said it is any “marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected.” The connection may be in a form of a mobile device.  It is an effective tool for business to put their message across because it is very invasive.

It fully reaches customers at a personal level compared to traditional media, since a person does not have his TV, or newspaper with him all the time, but he brings along his mobile anywhere he goes. Mobile marketing is an exciting subfield where marketers are able to interact closely with their audience.

As new technologies emerge, there will be new ways to push the message across in a vehicle that can invade one’s personal space, and it can help the customer with the right consumer decisions that can benefit your bottom line. 

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