Helpful Studies Around Facebook Advertising
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Helpful Studies Around Facebook Advertising

So you want to have your business ad on Facebook? It is really tempting, knowing so many businessmen are going to Facebook to have their advertisements.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is a great place to have your advertisements.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Aside from the 2.7 billion users, it has attracted, Facebook is able to anchor each member to stay on their page for at least 30 minutes. That is enough time to get your ad noticed by the viewer. However, that depends on what your product is and how you made your enticing ad statements.

According to a study done by, social media stands first in the advertising category. And among the social media sites, Facebook is also the first in the most visited place to advertises followed by YouTube and Instagram.

This is really something. Being third in line is not bad at all knowing there are so many social sites on the internet.

Does Advertising on Facebook Work?

Exposure alone is not an edge that you will get back your profits. There are a lot of Facebook viewers who log in on their profile and barely notice any ad. Their attention is engulfed by their profile pictures. As nature, man is like Narcissus, very self-loving.

Next to that is the picture of the vacation getaway from their friends, family pictures, and a lot more. There are so many distractions and competitors. So, what is the real score in Facebook advertising?

Facebook will not be the most effective site for ads if there is nothing beautiful going on. A recent report shows that Facebook got revenue of 66.9 BILLION dollars in 2019 and that from ads alone. Mind-blowing.

Relatively, business ads became successful with the success of Facebook. Right targeting is the key to why Facebook advertisers get their profit share. Facebook provides the demographic tool of the targets. It is up to the advertiser to provide the materials that will make his ad attractive.

There are three simple and very effectiv3 ways to advertise on Facebook according to the helpful study made by Nielsen.

Homepage Ads – this is a small area in the viewers’ screen where the invitation to “become a fan” or “like” is seen. It is up to the viewer if he will click on the button.

Social impression – this is where the name of the friend who patronizes the product appears on the viewer’s page. For example, John likes Nike. This type of ad will arouse curiosity in the viewer and will click on the ad. If he reads it, he might get convinced and will have purchasing intent.

Organic impression – this ad has the viewer’s friend’s positive opinion of the product that the ad is about. This kind of advertisement will most likely get the viewer to purchase their product. Organic impressions increase the engagement, awareness, and intent to buy from the viewer rather than the first two types of ads. If you want to have an effective way to convince buyers to buy your products, win their friends and let their friends advertise you.

Through this, you will get your profits speedily. Friends are trusted, people. If your friend will recommend something to you, you will use it, right?

The same situation applies to advertising on Facebook. Gain the trust of the viewers through the persons they trust and you will become a winner in advertising. That is also known as influencer marketing.

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